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Boardroom WebRTC - using tokbox version 2

Customizing OpenTokRTC UI

You can customize UI colors and logos of OpenTokRTC. Follow this guide to know where to edit them.

Changing theme colors

OpenTokRTC uses the LESS CSS pre-processor for its CSS. Values for theme colors are in the file web/less/variables.less. Edit this values in this file to suit your needs.

Once you have edited this file, you will need to build new UI assets. Run:

$ grunt clientBuild

Adding static assets

The web/ directory in the project root is mounted as a static path in the application root. Any files or directories in this directory will be accessible in the browser relative to the application root (/).

You can put your images in the web/images directory. They can be accessed in the application as /images/. For example, the file web/images/opentok-logo.png can be accessed in the browser as /images/opentok-logo.png.

Changing landing page HTML

Edit the view file views/index.ejs and change the images and text in the <body> section. You can also change the text in the <title> tag.